Razan El Dana

a passionate digital media graduate from the American University in
Dubai. Having always been drawn to the world of photography, her
interest was sparked by her love of street photography. Her passion
for capturing the essence of everyday life and the beauty in the
mundane has been a driving force in her life and career.

The world of art and creativity has always been a topic of interest to
Razan. She was always curious about how elements were combined, the
mechanics of how they worked, and how they could be transformed into
something beautiful. In exploring the world of digital media, her
curiosity led her to discover her passion, photography. Working as a
freelance photographer, she began taking pictures of the people
and places she encountered every day, which allowed her to further explore
her creativity.

Through her images, Razan aims to capture the beauty of the world
around her and express its hidden stories. She believes that every
moment, no matter how small, has the potential to be a work of art.

Contrast makes it all
the more interesting

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